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We have started preparing the 2016-2017 edition of the Turkish Business Directory, a premier publication of the Turkish community. Advertising opportunities are now available.


Purchase a one-page ad in the print edition and we will promote your business on our website, social media and our mobile app for free for two years.

Let our directory bring in new customers for you yearlong!


Space is limited. Hurry now and reserve your space!


why advertise with us?

All Turkish businesses are in one place. We aim to include all Turkish businesses in the DC area. Your competitors will be there. Don’t be left out.


Free ad design. Our award-winning designers professionally design your ad to be as unique as your business.


Affordable Pricing. We offer a variety of advertisement sizes and rates that fit your budget.


Convenience. The digest-sized Directory fits neatly in a bag. It is easy to read, easy to hold and easy-to keep!


Quality Counts! Your ad is always shown in full color and printed on magazine quality, glossy paper. Not newsprint!


Save advertisement budget. Purchase a one-page ad in the print edition; you get online, social media and mobile promotion free for two years at no additional cost to you. We will also provide a web link from our webpage to yours for free as well.


Greater Distribution and Free Directory. Our directory will be mailed to 7,500 Turkish households. Total distribution is 15,000. All for free.


Best ROI. We are targeting hard to reach specific groups so you can get the best resulting Return on Investment (ROI). Don’t think you can afford to advertise? Think again!


Better Known.  We are living in a hi-tech age. You must be in front of your customer all the time. Otherwise they will choose others. We promote your company name for two years long.


Reputation. We have 35 years publishing experiences. We want to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you - your success is our success!


Best opportunities for companies in Turkey. If you plan to get into the US market, increase your sales in America and increase your brand awareness, a directory advertisement is the best place to start.


we will bring you new customers because:

Long shelf life. Reader tend to keep our directory, rather than toss it so your ad is in front of your reader’s eye for two years long. There is more than 80% retention rate for advertisers.


We are local. It is published locally and especially designed for a unique target group. Readers can visit and reach you very easily.


High ad visibility. Your ad will not get lost between articles because we have a specific advertisements section in our directories and an alphabetical order content index. Our readers are interested in learning about what you have to offer.


Color Sells! All ads in the Turkish Business Directory are in Full Color at no extra charge. Independent research confirms it; color increases reader attention span by up to 82%. Decision-making improves by 70%. Reader retention increases by 78%. Get readers’ attention and get your message out!


Connect with your community. The Directory is a primary resource for connecting with Turkish people and Turkish companies.


Large addresses data bank. Nobody has the kind of large updated addresses database that we have in the DC area. You are able to reach these people through us. We are the only local publication targeting a large Turkish audience.


Your ad gets noticed. Our beautiful design provides a quality environment for your ad.





Other 7,500 copies will be distributed at Turkish activities, events, meetings, conferences, festivals in the DC area. Also it will be distributed to all embassies, public libraries, community centers, Turkish markets/businesses, US senators. For two years long your company will get exposure.

The directory will mail to around

7,500 Turkish-American households

in the DC area.

Virginia: 3,993

Maryland: 2,957

DC: 550

All addresses have been filtered and updated so that you can get maximum results.


Targeted Reach. Qualified Leads. High ROI.

advertising opportunities


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1/2 PAGE vertical

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1/4 PAGE

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Space is limited. Hurry now and reserve your space!




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When you purchase an ad space, our design team will contact you to

design your ad.


This service is free.


If you plan to pay by check, please make it payable to Creative Edge and mail to

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who we are

Get started and get your ad space now. If you have any question feel free to contact me directly.

We look forward to working with you.

           hank you very much for visiting our web page and for your interest in the Turkish Business Directory

           for the greater Washington DC area.


I am Sitki Kazanci, owner of the Creative Edge Design and Publishing Company.

The Turkish population has grown by leaps and bounds in this area. People constantly ask me if I know of a good electrician, do I have a car mechanic I would recommend, what are the best Turkish restaurants in this area. With this directory, we aim to make all of this information available in one easy to reach place. We want to connect Turkish businesses with customers. And we did.


We published the Turkish Business Directory first edition two years ago. It got a lot of positive feedbacks. We knew our community needed it. For the first time there was one publication that brought all businesses and the community together. The directory becomes a premier publication of the community. Now we are ready to publish the 2016-2017 edition. We would like to see all Turkish companies participate this year. If you did not participate in previous years we would like you to be included this year. With over 35 years of publishing experience, my team and I will work with you to get your message out to a wide and relevant audience.


COMPANY OWNERS: Your targeted customer will be able to reach you very easily. Your ad will get more exposure because people keep directories for a long time. Your ad will be there all the time.


TURKISH-AMERICAN PEOPLE IN DC AREA: Your directory will be a single source for all relevant information. You will be able to reach Turkish companies via your mobile device, online/web, social media and printed hard copy.


We Turks need to support each other and work to make our community as vibrant and successful as other ethnic groups. We understand people from our own cultural background and we all speak the same language. We need to band together so we can all be successful in this country.





We're just a phone call or email away. Feel free to contact us today!


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