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Our mission is to provide a service that is valued and that brings the community together to grow and prosper further. 

Bringing all businesses and the community together

Thank you very much for visiting our web page and for your interest in the Turkish Business Directory for the greater Washington DC area.

I am Sitki Kazanci, owner of Creative Edge Media Group. I have lived in the D.C. area since 1995. Over this time, the Turkish population has grown by leaps and bounds. With this directory, our aim is to bring all Turkish businesses together. People constantly ask me if I know of a good lawyer, do I have a car mechanic I would recommend, what are the best Turkish restaurants in this area, do I know of a good accountant? We make all of this information available in one easy to reach the place. We want to connect Turkish businesses with customers. The directory is a resource and referral guide for the community.

We published the first edition of the Turkish Business Directory in 2014. Before that, there was no single place where one could find information on the Turkish businesses in the area. The community needed it. For the first time, there was one publication that brought all businesses and the community together. The directory became a premier publication of the community. Now we are ready to publish the 2024-2025 edition. We would like to see all Turkish companies included this year. If you did not participate in previous years you should consider joining. It is time to move on from the pandemic. With over 35 years of publishing experience, my team and I will work with you to get your message out to a wide and relevant audience.

COMPANY OWNERS: Your targeted customer will be able to reach you very easily. Your ad will get more exposure because people keep directories for a long time. Your ad will be there all the time.

TURKISH-AMERICAN PEOPLE IN DC AREA: Your directory will be a single source for all relevant information. You will be able to reach Turkish companies via your mobile device, online/web, social media and printed hard copy.

We Turks need to support each other and work to make our community as vibrant and successful as other ethnic groups.

We understand people from our own cultural background and we all speak the same language. We need to band together so we can all be successful in this country.

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